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Jordan Sitkin

I'm a developer based in Oakland, CA. Currently at Coinbase.

Full Resume


Ruby, Golang, Javascript
Frameworks & Platforms
AWS, Datadog, ElasticSearch, Heroku, Kibana, MongoDB, Nginx, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Puma, Rails, Redis, RSpec, Sinatra, Unicorn
Adobe CS, bash, Docker, Git, vim


Making software is a creative pursuit. Before I discovered my love for writing code, I considered myself a designer.

Beyond instructions in files, good code is about clear communication between people. An experienced engineer considers the landscape around the problem while crafting a solution. Good solutions not only satisfy requirements but resist complexity, favoring concision and clarity.

Recent Experience


Staff Software Engineer, Backend Platform

From 2017 in San Francisco, CA

I work closely with other engineers on product focused teams to help them ship scalable code. Projects include patching database drivers to meet our performance requirements, writing custom instrumentation to understand load on our backend services and creating load testing tools to help understand the capacity of quickly evolving codebases.

Kit Kraft

Senior Developer

2015-2017 in Oakland, CA

My grandparents started Kit Kraft in Studio City in 1946, and my father took over running the store when I was a kid. In 2015 I decided to join the family and help turn around a downward sales trend on the then-aging website.

I designed and developed a new site, migrating from an off-the-shelf PHP framework (X-Cart) to a custom Rails project. Since launch, nearly every aspect of the business has benefited. Together with the team in Los Angeles I helped integrate a new point of sale system and modernize outdated purchasing and inventory systems. Site revenue has increased 28%.

Technical Highlights
  • Docker + Amazon ECS on AWS create a painless development and deployment story. New team members can spin up a local dev stack with a single command.
  • A new custom fulfillment backend helps get orders out quickly and correctly. Integrations with our shipping providers handle postage and labels.
  • Custom marketing tools help our team get the data they need and make changes to site content without developer involvement.
  • System design embraces AWS services to lower operational overhead. We utilize EC2, ECS & ECR, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, RDS, ElastiCache, Lambda, SQS, Route 53 and SES across two regions.

Tech Nut

2014-2015 in Oakland, CA

I joined during a period of rapid growth, and on my first day started work on a brand new front end for the site. My responsibilities were wide ranging. I led efforts to refine UX, extend the brand's visual identity and establish design standards. I also designed and implemented a modern responsive front end codebase based on logicless templates and discrete components.

  • Created a library of composable AMD modules to power the front end. There are few dependencies, and no heavy front end frameworks.
  • Implemented all site templates in mustache, moving display logic into a separate view layer.
  • Planned, designed and illustrated visual assets – everything from vinyl wraps for delivery trucks to packaging concepts to site promos.
  • Helped move a brittle deployment flow based on Chef/OpsWorks to a more robust one based on Docker and Amazon ECS.


Co-Founder / CTO

2011-2014 in Santiago, Chile
  • Designed and coded a scratchbuilt ecommerce platform with rails, deployed on Heroku.
  • Optimized the stack to handle bursts of heavy traffic with aggressive caching and background job queues using memcached and redis.
  • Integrated APIs for payment processing including, Stripe and Dwolla.
  • Built a consistently threadsafe rails stack to facilitate on-demand scaling.
  • Designed and implemented the entire front-end, including UI/UX design and code.
  • Maintained a comprehensive test suite using RSpec and Capybara.


Co-Founder / CTO

2010-2014 in San Francisco, CA
  • Implemented a complex one page app without a javascript framework (learned many lessons).
  • Designed all branding and marketing materials including the public site.
  • Created an in-app live messaging feature using the OpenFire XMPP server, a custom javascript client for the browser and a ColdFusion component for the back-end.
  • Drafted a spec for an HTML microformat to facilitate data sharing and interoperability among other tools and services used by interior designers.
  • Specify continues to serve a growing customer base including the purchasing team at one of the largest hotel groups in the world.

Side Projects

Community site for OP-1 users

Launched 2017

The OP-1 is a tiny synthesizer with a unique workflow and a dedicated following (myself among them). I wanted to create some special tools and share them with the community.

  • Deployed ffmpeg on AWS Lambda to perform operations on audio files.
  • Implemented a REST API modeled after the JSON API spec to allow external companion apps.
  • Implemented direct uploads to S3 and file processing on Lambda to keep server load down. The lambda functions use the site's API to persist their results.
  • The site handles user interaction via the web MIDI API to allow live patch previews right on the site.